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The Lanarama is a LAN-event in Germany, very close to the borders of France and Luxemburg. ( 10 km )


We want to invite international guests from all over the world!

Our service-team speaks a variety of different languages.

If there are a lot of gamers from your country we will have a special corner at our LAN exclusively for people from this country.

About the LANARAMA Gaming Convention

The LANARAMA Gaming Convention is a big LAN-party located in Losheim am See - a small German town next to a nice lake. The event itself is inside a historical train workshop which can hold up to 200 gamers. There will be a seperate sleeping area (but you have to bring along your own mattress etc). We also invented an ordering and delivery system so you can have your food and drinks delivered to your place (for an affordable price).


Where ?

Streifstraße 3a

66679 Losheim am See


When ?

The next LAN is the Spring LAN


August 30.08.2019 till 01.09.2019









Up to 200 LAN gamers

1000 Mbit glass fiber-Network

3 internetlines with 10.000 Mbit

Tournements like PubG, CS:GO etc

Foods and drinks for an affordable price

1800m² of space to play, sleep and party

Side events


LANARANA Headquater

Bahnhofstrasse 24

66663 Merzig


Call us

0049 177 787 32 15


or write us



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