All information about LANARAMA

Fundamental information

  • 26. April till 28. April 2018
  • Adress: Eisenbahnhalle Losheim am See, Streifstraße 3a, 66679 Losheim am See
  • 200 LAN gamers
  • 100 tournament seats, 100 fun-gaming seats
  • In total 1800 m², 2 halls, chillout lounge, food-lounge
  • Tournaments with pricepool
  • 1000 Mbit network
  • Order your food and drinks from your place
  • Affordable food and drink prices
  • 600m² sleeping area

What to bring?

  • Computer
  • ID card
  • Multi powerblug
  • Network cable 15 meter
  • Sleeping stuff
  • Hygiene products
  • Bring your own chair or use the Speedseat rental (We also have chairs for free)

What is not allowed?

  • Loudspeaker
  • Everything you don't need to play (toaster, microwave and things like this)

How to buy a ticket


You can buy your ticket here: shop

After buying your ticket you will receive an email containing a token which enables you to chose where you want to sit



  • It is not allowed to smoke cigarettes inside but you can smoke your electronic cigarette.
  • We have a shisha lounge (outside)


  • We have 600m² seperate sleeping hall. Bring your mattress and your pillow

Eat and Drink

  • The LANARAMA Gaming Convention has an own kitchen which serves foods and drinks 24h (and with our delivery system you can order it directly to your place)
  • We serve all kinds of non-alcoholic beverages but also cocktails, longdrinks and shots!



If you have any problems our team will always help you. Of course we also have tech staff to help with any electronic problems.

You need a translation? We will help you! For every problem we have a solution!

Do not hesitate to contact our staff members in the LANARAMA shirts!



LANARANA Headquater

Bahnhofstrasse 24

66663 Merzig


Call us

0049 177 787 32 15


or write us


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Join our TS-Server!

You can use it for free for gaming or meet the lanarama crew