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What kind of ticket ?

If you want to play Tournaments with a Pricepool, you need to take the Tournament-Ticket. If you want to Play for Fun you can choose the Fun-Ticket. For the Player who come by Plane we created a special ticket. 1. You rent a Gaming Computer 2. You rent a Gaming Seat ( Speedseat ) and also the Tournament Ticket is include.


After that, you will recieved 2 E-Mails. The first E-Mail just confirm your Order. The Second E-Mail is more importand. In this E-Mail, you will get a "Token". You need this "Token" to registrate on our Intranet and choosing your seat.

But dont be afraid. It is very easy. All information will be written in the Mail.


Look at our Specialpackages ... You can rent a SpeedSeat for better sitting oder choose our Coffeeflat. If you order the Coffeflat you get our Special Cup for free and Coffe for free as much as you can drink.


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LAN FUN Ticket

3 Days LAN

1000 Mbit Network

Table 110 X 70 cm

all Side Events

23,30 €

  • Available

Tournament Ticket

LAN FUN Ticket

3 Days LAN

1000 Mbit Network

Tablespace 110 X 70 cm


all Side Events


39,20 €


Gaming PC + Monitor

Zed Up Gaming PC ( rental )

Intel Core i5-8400, 6 Kerne, 6 Threads, GTX 1050 ti 4 GB (or better)

8/16 GB RAM, 240 GB SSD / Gaming-Monitor Acer XF240H, 24 Zoll, 144hz,

professional Gaming Seat / Speedseat

Tournament Ticket 



239,00 €

  • Available


SpeedSeat rental

You rent a SpeedSeat for 3 Days

29,90 €

  • Available



Coffe how much you can drink

9,90 €

  • Available


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