How you can go to LANARAMA ?

by Plane


  • Saarbrücken ( 45 Minutes by Car )

The Airport Saabrücken is close to Losheim but not the cheapest

  • Luxemburg ( 54 Minutes by Car )

This Airport is close and for some Countries very cheap

  • Hahn ( 1h 14 Minutes )

This airport is good to fly with rayenair ( a cheap way to fly )

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by Train

The next Train-Station is Merzig/Saar

From there you have a connection each 30 Minutes to Losheim am See.

From the Busstation you have a 5 Minutes Walk to the Location


LANARANA Headquater

Bahnhofstrasse 24

66663 Merzig


Call us

0049 177 787 32 15


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